Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

8 Adventurers, 25 sheep, 108 Miles

Session Begins: March 18

  • The party stood outside of Hondor’s tavern staring at their herd of sheep and wondering what to do with them.
  • Several party members purchased horses from Hroarr, the stable owner. Hundur’s horse was a fine black stallion. He bought a sweet cowboy hat to accompany it (he almost made the mistake of buying a discernibly less sweet hat, but changed his mind at the last minute.)
  • Froya bought a whip. All possible comments about this were stifled.
  • The party travelled with their herd out of Hawksberg and towards Jorunn’s father’s homestead.
  • Along the way the party encountered five Halfling Sportsball players making their way to Midtenby for tryouts.
  • The challenge of getting the herd to cross the knee high stream looked to be troublesome, but between the sheep whispering efforts of Jorunn and Yimix, the sheep were so enthused that half of them carried the other half over the stream with great ease.
  • Feeling like he now had great sheep power, Yimix attempted to coax a sheep into jumping through a hoop. He was successful, some might say too successful, as the entire herd thought this looked like great fun and trampled him (with love and hooves).
  • Kraithe began pondering the sheep and how the fitted in with the average life cycle of a cloud. Convinced that these sheep could be used to seed the sky.
  • The party arrived at the homestead of Jorunn’s father: Hallbjorn the Unwavering Wall. A touching family reunion took place, food and old stories were shared and Hall agreed to look after the sheep on commission. As they departed, Hallbjorn gifted his daughter with his old war horn: an elaborately carved dragon’s head made from minotaur horn with inlaid gold
  • The party got back onto the road and continued to travel West. They encountered an elderly woman, named Inga, who had been picking mushrooms on the side of the road. They offered to let her travel on the back of the wagon on the way to Midtenby.
  • The party rested for the evening in the ruins of the Red Dog Inn. During their stay, Jorunn regaled the party with a story of a love that transcended time (seriously, all 48 hours of it). It was the love that never was between Jorunn (when she was like, totally still a kid) and the Shaggy Farmboy.
  • During the evening Kraithe and Yimix were keeping watch while playing go fish, as their Elven heritage meant that they didn’t require sleep. During their watch, they noticed that Inga had woken up and disappeared. When she didn’t return after a few minutes they awoke Froya and informed her of the situation. Froya, Yimix, Kraithe, Hundur and Souf followed Inga’s tracks northward while Lukka, Torrin and Jorrun stayed at camp. Upon discovering blood and hearing the sound of wolves, those in search of Inga hurried further North.
  • Back at the camp, Lukka was struck by an invisible foe. Upon turning to face her attacker she recognised Inga, now in her true hag form. Thanks to some thrilling barbarian heroics from Torrin, the evil hag was quickly felled. The party rested up and continue their travels in the morning.
  • After a few hours travel the party soon found themselves outside of the Valley of Dale and in the lands belonging to the Thane of Midtenby.
  • The party encountered a squad of twenty Midteny soldiers who had been out patrolling the land. The party greeted the soldiers and travelled with them for an hour. Jorunn conversed with their leader, a jarl by the name of Hakon, and Lukka got to know the seasoned veteran of the groop, Snorri.
  • Over the course of the hour, Jorunn managed to endear herself to Hakon and the entire squad (they were all quite enamoured with her). Hakon invited her to dinner when they arrived in Midtenby.
  • The party soon resumed their travels on horseback and quickly reached Midtenby in the late afternoon/evening. They quickly found lodging and stables at the Diamond Corner Inn, a very upmarket establishment, and soon began to enjoy warm baths and soft beds, the likes of which were not to be found in Hawksberg.
  • Hunder, however, went off into the night to get to know the city.

Session Ends: March 20.


  • The 25 Sheep are now under the care of Hallbjorn the Unwavering Wall. He will care for the herd and send profits to the party when he can (minus maintenance fees). Furthermore, half of the newborn lambs would become his.
  • Jorunn has a dinner invitation at the estate of Jarl Hakon. Furthermore she has made quite a positive impression on the 19 soldiers under his command.
  • Hundur’s scouting of the Midtenby nightlife will have earned him information on what is going on in the city.
  • The current season is Autumn


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