Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

A Goblin New Year to Remember

Hobgoblin Batman's Origin

Our fearsome adventurers continue to forge their path through Goblinhold.
A condensed version of events:

  • The party discovers that goblins can be tricksy little bastards. Luckily Hundur catches four of them attempting a surprise attack and promptly incinerates them. Hundur seems to avoid clearly explaining how he so cunningly discovered their plan.
  • They hear foreboding sounds of more organised activity upstairs, and decide to clear the current floor first.
  • Loot!
  • A few poor choices (Smoke ’Em Out!) lead to the addition of “Child Hobgoblin Batman” to the party.
  • They lock him in a small room.
  • …Hundur’s lack of empathy causes a loss of Heart Points in Froya.
  • The party meets Thrax, a warg who has fallen out of favour with Thazdagg, who sides with them (more or less).
  • Having learned that it is “Goblin New Year,” the party decide to storm the next floor. But not without an improvised siege weapon.
  • Goblin butts are kicked.
  • The adventurers bypass most of this floor heading straight for… a gruesome reminder of Kraithe’s past. Kraithe gets mad. Also some new short swords and a magical cloak, The Midnight Shroud.
  • The climactic final encounter! Thrax removes the wargs, classic half-orc diplomacy removes the guards, and the final battle with Thazdagg and his magic-using wife Helena ensues.
  • After an intense battle and a bit of head trauma, the party gets what they came for, and Kraithe gets revenge!
  • More loot!


Exactly as I remember it!

A Goblin New Year to Remember
Tom_Murray Kayne0X1

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