Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

Cashing In

The session begins with the party in the Throne room of the now deceased Goblin King, discussing how they will escape the keep undetected.

  • The party devised an ingenious escape method by hiding in Kraithe’s cloak’s extradimensional space and then have Yimix turn into a hawk and fly off through the window with the cloak in its mouth – allowing them to cover 7 miles in one hour.
  • This caused some contention with Thrax, chief of the Worgs, as he had been guaranteed a spot on their boat. However upon speaking with Thrax, he seemed content with the now vacant throne.
  • The party arrive in Thudd’s old cave. It still smelled of BBQ. They rested for the night.
  • In the morning, the party encountered another group of adventurers who appeared to be on the exact same quest they were on, but a few days too late. Despite Froya offering to share the Minotaur steak and eggs she was cooking, they decided to attack the party and steal their treasure. Violence ensued, including the Kender Surprise which left everyone slightly shocked. Froya made an example of the survivors.
  • The party arrived in the Druid camp and claimed their payment from Bellathor Half-elven. Some awkward questioning ensued concerning the fate of the Dwarves of Skarra Durr which resulted in the party gaining a favour from the druids.
  • The party travelled to Hawksburg where they were met with free food, drink and lodging. Some of the party got lucky (Froya, Luka and Yimix). They spent the night in Hawksburg.
  • In the morning the party awoke to their payment: 50 head of Sheep.


Tom_Murray Kayne0X1

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