Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

Do you want to slay a Dragon?

A Legend of Dale oneshot adventure!

Set ~400 years in the past, this adventure explored the nature of Dale the Dragonslayer, who slew the last Dragon in Norn.

On a particularly cold night in the Horny Kobold Tavern in Nordby, a group of drunken adventurers came up with the kind of idea that only drunken adventurers could come up with: let’s go slay Nidhogg, last and greatest of all the dragons.

They called their adventuring party Dale, because that was the fake name that their bar tab was under at the tavern.

They made their way to the lair of Nidhogg and proceeded inside, overcoming Ropers, an acid pit and the unpredictable nature of the resident party murder hobo (evidently a new prestige class for the rogue).

While the final battle with Nidhogg was formidable, extreme age had clearly left weakened and he was dispatched, although not before one of the party quit the battle and ran. Inside Nidhogg’s chamber, the party discovered evidence which suggested the existence of a humanoid Dragon race which was once subservient to Dragonkind. After an uprising, these humanoids born of the dragon were banished to the underdark by Nidhogg himself.

The other main revelation was of the existence of a powerful, non humanoid, sentient creature known only as Sock which was secretly controlling Jon the Murder Hobo for its own nefarious reasons. The presence of Sock was only revealed after Jon’s body was dissolved in an acid pit which he had driven himself and the party barbarian into on purpose. When the party cleric raised Jon as a skeleton, the creature Sock took full control and made its presence known to the party. In the final confrontation with Nidhogg, it seemed as though the Dragon and Sock had met once before, calling into question the nature of this unusual creature. After the battle, Sock seemed to find an object greatly resembling itself in the Dragon’s treasure horde, and then mysteriously vanished.

While the surviving members of the party went on to live comfortable lives thanks to their new found wealth, the creature Sock would never be seen again. However 40 years later, when the humanoid Dragon creatures appeared at the gates, some of them bore the image of two white socks on their shields, referring to them only as “The Master”.


Tom_Murray Tom_Murray

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