Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

Narrative: The Godsfall

The Godsfall

The party crept closer through the dark corridors of the Temple of the Kings, guided by Hunder’s magical light. This was not a temple, it was a tomb. The horrors which had awaited them inside this tomb will haunt their memories: trapped corridors, rooms without air, mind flayers concealed by invisibility circles, the wyvern immune to damage. But through each of these encounters, the party had prevailed and made their way closer and closer to the main chamber. As they approached the entrance they could hear the sound of chanting:

“Rapta, neputu, radama”

“Rapta, neputu, radama”

“Rapta, neputu, radama”

The chanting was coming from a chorus of twelve black robed figures, kneeling in positions of worship. On the dais stood another robed figure with an ornate staff and intricate designs on his robes, conjuring magical energy through an ankh worn on his neck. Before this robed figure was a dismembered body splayed out on a stone altar. The body had been arranged in order and all of it was coated in black plate armour.

Having gained the drop on the robed figures, the party prepared a mighty ambush. As Jorunn began to sing her call to battle Kraithe lithely sprang on one figure and masterfully separated its head from its shoulders. Hunder, sparks of electricity emanating from his quarterstaff, charged in and clobbered another chanter. One of the robed figures quickly darted towards a weapons chest, seeking arms to defend him. Much to his surprise, as he opened the chest he was met by the gleeful grin of Lukka as she plunged a short sword into each shoulder and dragged him into the chest. The Warforged, Soul, and the Dwarf Fighter rushed in and joined the fray, while the Elven ranger Harflebarb began to loose arrows at the foes.

As the last of the chanters fell to the party, the robed figure on the dais spoke:


The armoured man on the altar reached up with a gauntleted fist and choked the life out of the speaker. With a low and raspy voice he growled:

“Fuck you verbose mages”

His gaze soon found the party.

“Ahhh, fresh meat. Murder, Pillage; TO ME!”

Suddenly a black mace and long sword appeared in his hands and he charged at the party. As Soul and the Dwarf Fighter took the first of the hits, Kraithe attempted to strike Dale from behind. As he leapt, the sword of Leah in one hand and a bone short sword in the other, he did not expect what came next. Without skipping a beat Dale turned to face Kraithe and impaled him upon his mace. The party looked on in horror as the lifeless form of the Drow hung limply upon this weapon, which seemed to be feeding off of the Dark Elf’s blood.

“Now, who would like to be next?” said the Black Plated foe.

Suddenly, with a thunderous blast of sound and blinding flash of light, a golden armoured figure wielding a mighty spear appeared in the room, flanked by two ravens.

“How lovely to see you again Odin. How is the eye?”

“Enough of this Dale”, the golden figure said, “We killed you once before and we can do it again”

“Yes but you had help, and now you stand alone. Where is Zeus, or Ra or Kane? My followers have kept them blind to my return. Do you really think you can best me on your own?”

“We shall see” replied Odin, who levelled his spear and unleashed a mighty blast of energy at Dale.

Un-phased by the attack Dale moved closer towards Odin and cast his spear from his hands. With one gauntleted hand, he grabbed the one eyed god’s head and slowly began to tear it away from his neck. The screams of a dying god filled the chamber and echoed throughout the temple.

As the headless corpse of the Allfather fell to the ground, several more divinely armoured entities entered the room. As Heimdall and Tyr charged at the Godkiller, Freya paused for a moment and looked at the party.

“There is nothing that you can do here, my children. Run while you still can”

Taking her advice, the party soon began to flee from the temple. As they made it to the first floor, the entire foundation of the temple began to shake itself apart. The party made it outside just in time to see the temple be reclaimed by the sands whence it came. The party were met by the Dragon Wadjet and for the first time they knew what terror looked like in a Dragon’s face. Wadjet flew them back to Eliyas and the members of the party went their separate ways after that day, but for as long as they lived they would never forget the sounds of a dying god’s screams.


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