Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

Plot Hooks and Bar Fights

After hearing the story of Dale the Dragon Slayer from Bardr, most of the party retired to their rooms in the Diamond Corner. Torrin, Hunder and Kraithe instead remained down in the tavern drinking and conversing. After a while, a drunken thuggish looking man abruptly stood up, evidently drunk, and proclaimed: “that story about Dale is a load of wyvern shite! Dale fucked that dragon and he fucked it well!”. This was followed by a chorus of agreement from about a dozen other tavern patrons, who turned over their tables and chairs and started to brawl. Alongside the three members of the party, an unconventionally ‘attractive’ elf in a fur bikini (Harblefarb Passwind [it sounds better in the original Elvish]) and a monk in a cowboy hat (Clay) were also caught in the middle of the bar brawl.

Highlights of the fight:
• In an impressive display of martial arts, Clay roundhouse kicked a thug through the tavern wall.
• Torrin proved his ability to swing chairs with (non)lethal force, although he almost struck Hunder out of confusion.
• Kraithe demonstrated his sneaking ability and his superb marksmanship with flagons and bottles.
• Hunder bravely ran out onto the street and called for the city watch.
• Harblefarb Passwind turned the brawl into a lethal affair when she ruthlessly skewered two thugs to the floor with a single arrow.

The brawl was quickly ended and through some superb Drow cunning, Kraithe made it look like the two murdered thugs had been killed by the other brawlers. Notably, he also found in their possession an ornately designed longsword with the name “Leah” carved into the hilt. Upon grasping the sword, Kraithe discovered a gold piece on the floor in front of him.
With the Diamond Corner now closed for repairs, the party were refunded their money and found new accommodation in the Homely Elf Inn.
For the rest of that night, Hunder convinced a group of City Watchmen to allow him to accompany them on their patrol, so that he could see what was going on in the city. They agreed and the group departed. Hunder learned of many plothooks:

• A dirty and down trodden man claims that his family’s heirloom sword has been taken by thugs. He unwittingly put it up in a dice game and lost it to loaded dice. Ever since losing the sword he has experienced incredibly bad luck (coin purse stolen, Mother died from flu, lost his job, etc).
• Burleigh and Stronginthearm have shut their store fronts, rumour has it that the two owners have had a falling out.
• Children have been going missing in the city and the watch have had no luck in finding them.
• A merchant from Sydby has had his goods confiscated by the local watch and is now drinking his sorrows in a tavern.
• A grain merchant is looking to take a shipment to Sydby and wants to hire some caravan guards.
• A Dwarven woman is looking to put together an expedition to the Southlands in search of “El templo del rey lagarto” (The Temple of the Lizard King).

Over the next day, the party followed through on some of the plot hooks and lined up some future jobs:

• Benvir Burleigh has been hiding out in his Midtenby store/warehouse. Upon convincing him the party found out that his partner, Stein Stronginthearm, the businessman of the duo, has stolen blueprints and plans on selling out to the Federation. Stein has travelled to Sydby and is awaiting a ship to the Eastlands and has apparently tried to have Burleigh killed. Benvir wants Stein stopped, the blueprints recovered and evidence gathered to take to the High King. He does not want Stein killed. He has promised considerable payment and has vowed to come to the party’s aid should they run into complications with the Sydby watch.
• A grain merchant is looking to take a shipment to Sydby and wants to hire some caravan guards. He has agreed to employ the party for 3sp per day, each**. The merchant has also offered the party some spare room on one of his wagons if they have any goods they want transported.
• A Dwarven woman is looking to put together an expedition to the Southlands in search of “El templo del rey lagarto” (The Temple of the Lizard King). The woman needs a 1500gp investment and is looking for partners in the expedition to do the actual exploring of the island and is offering equal shares of the treasure.

Session ends 21st of March.

*We had guest players this session:

Harblefarb Passwind, elven Ranger, played by Chandler
Clay, human Monk, played by Carl.

**The payment has been changed to be more realistic. This grain merchant is only going to make about 80gp from his goods.


Tom_Murray Tom_Murray

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