Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

The party took time out to explore Midtenby and accomplish various things.

Missing Children

Rumour around the city was that several children had gone missing recently from poorer families in the residential district. Some were snatched from their bedrooms at night and some simply never returned home at the end of the day. Hearing about this, the party headed to the City Watchhouse to offer their services in assisting the city.

Masquerading as freelance investigators (Inspector Jorunn, Inspector Clay and Filthy Harold PI*), they encountered a City Watch officer who seemed only too happy to palm off the investigation to someone else. He gave the party a list of families who had had their children stolen. The party went and investigated the houses. At one of the houses they found threads of blue cloth, blue dye in clothing typically indicating wealth, and discovered that all of the families had recieved payments of silver to help with their loss. These payments came from the Baldur family: a wealthy elderly married couple who perform philanthropic acts around Midtenby.

The party headed to the Baldurs and politely(?) forced their way inside, meeting Yilda and Yoggrey Baldur. The elderly couple denied any knowledge of the crime, but the party sensed they were hiding knowledge and possibly guilt. Suspicions were confirmed after Yilda attempted to poison Jorunn and Yoggrey reached for an axe when Kraithe blatantly accused him of abducting children. With no other option, Yoggrey reached for a torch on the wall, pulled it and revealed a hidden room with a monstrous surprise: an ogre.

The ogre and Yoggrey put up a formidable fight, however before long the old man died from crossbow wounds. His death was met by the ogre’s screams: “FATHER!!!!! NOOOOOOO”. His distress over the death of his ‘father’ left him incredibly succeptible to Jorunn’s Fear spell, and the ogre literally died of fright. Yilda, who had not joined the fight, wailed in mourning.

It became apparent that the elderly couple had been abducting children in order to feed their adoptive Ogre child. The city watch arrived at the house and were amazed that the party had solved the crime. While there was no official payment, the watchmen took a 15 minute break so that the party could loot the house of anything valuable. The Watch officer assured the party that the Thane of Midtenby would hear of their accomplishments.

Thieves Guild

Kraithe took about an hour out of his day to look for any signs of a Thieves Guild operating in Midtenby, in order to help find the missing children. He found scatterings of Thieves’ Cant around the city, albeit mispelled and occasionally backwards, which pointed towards a hidden base in the agricultural district. In the district Kraithe found a large shed with “Thieves Guild” written above the door in Thieves’ Cant. After approaching the door and guessing the password (it was “password”). Inside were roughly a dozen boys and girls of about 12-14 years old, practising various thief skills (picking locks, parkour, hiding). After some thorough criticism of the way they were conducting themselves, the ‘guildmaster’ came at Kraithe with a knife. He ended up with Kraithe’s boot on his throat and the guild were informed that they worked for him now. He took his cut of their ‘loot’, gave them a few decent locks to practice on and sent Lukka over to further instruct them.

Dinner Party

Having received the invitation to go to Jarl Harkon’s estate for dinner, Jorunn put on her fancy dress and brought Kraithe (wearing his dead friend’s fancy clothes from the extradimensional closet) and Clay (wearing his fanciest robe with barely any holes in and a ten-gallon hat over his regular hat) along as her entourage. The night was very pleasant and the trio were introduced to the high society of Midtenby: Thane Frida the Just, Agrimundr Pekt – Captain of the Thanesguard, Asa Songbird – Dean of the Bard’s college and Eydis the Everlasting Storm – Archmage of the Mage’s college. Much Shmoozing was done and many Hawksberg Graziers Cooperative business cards were pickpocketed into many pockets by Kraithe. Jorunn also successfully managed to evade Jarl Harkon’s romantic advances while keeping him on the hook.

Stealing stolen loot which had been procured by a grave robber

The party investigated the rumour of a Sydby merchant who had had his wares confiscated by the Midtenby watch. It turns out that he was a grave robber and had taken these wares from the dead. It was also implied that sometimes these people were not dead when he met them. He promised the party rewards, in the form of magic items, if they recovered his loot for him. Finding this morally abhorrent (‘this’ being the idea of having a middleman) the party instead decided to just nick his goods themselves.

Clay, having been instructed by his various masters in a variety of different political philosophies and not having the intelligence to distinguish between them, took offence on libertarian grounds and formed a mob to march on the watch tower (protesting both government interference in the affairs of small business owners, and an apparent ‘Axe Tax’ which lead to some very confusing slogans). While that distraction happened outside, Kraithe and Jorunn talked their way into the Watchhouse and, using their Inspector identities, finagled their way into the evidence locker where the grave robber’s ‘stock’ was stored. They stole the magic-looking items for themselves and legged it, returning to the Homely Elf Inn and to examine their filthy lucre.

Magic Items recovered:

  • boots of speed (given to Clay)
  • boots of elvenkind (given to Lukka)
  • +1 Sentient (and surly) Rapier named Raphael (given to Jorunn)

Session ends March 23.

*Because He Isn’t Afraid To Get His Hands Dirty


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