Being a listing of the known Dales, or the titles of the singular Dale


Known Dales or titles of Dale and their/his(?) achievements:

  • Dale Valleyforge – who founded (or forged, if you will) The Valley of Dale
  • Dale Dragonsbane – last great hero to slay a dragon, his statue is in Nordby. Also occasionally known as ‘The Dragonlayer’ after several erotic novels which portray him to be the literal father of the Dragonborn race. Given the period between his rumoured ‘slaying’ of the last dragon and the appearance of the dragonborn in The Continent of Norn, this may actually be the case
  • Dale the Monster Hunter – the only person to have explored the Ungeheuermyr and survived
  • Dale Hammerhand – according to legend, the only person to have reached the bottom of Verdun Ar
  • Dale Lightbringer – the only person to have ever visited the great city of Los Noir in the Norn Underdark
  • Dale the Liberator – the great hero who decreed that all Norns were born free and abolished slavery across the continent.
  • Dale the Peacemaker – appointer of the first High King of Norn.


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