Froya Orcsdottir

Half-Orc Fighter and polisher of shields



The free-born bastard of an unknown Sydby earl and an orc slave mother, Froya Orcsdottir was placed in Lady Brunhilda’s Home for Freeborn, Imbeciles, and Other Unfortunates. Never knowing her parents, Froya ran away from the Dickensian conditions of Lady Brunhilda’s and started living on the streets and canals of Sydby.

Like many young girls, she was bigger and stronger and faster than the boys her age – particularly the weedy half-orc Hundur. Unlike the girls of other species, that never changed – as she grew older, Froya towered over the crowds of Sydby’s poorer islands, She soon set found herself protecting the smaller streetrats from the press gangs, the City Watch, and other, darker things, in exchange for a cut of whatever they scavenged, begged or stole.

Soon, she found herself working alongside Hundur, providing the muscle necessary for when his latest get rich scheme inevitably went pear shaped. When he left for Hawksberg without so much as a by-your-leave, she set off after her childhood crush feckless business partner.

Now that’s she’s caught up with him at the Red Dog Inn, Froya’s beginning to wonder if Hundar’s really worth all the trouble he gets her into.



When she ran away from Lady Brunhilda’s, Froya was cold, alone and frightened. A clever half-orc orphan who’d been on the street for much longer than she gave her some bread and showed her a warm place to sleep. They became friends and partners in crime, and soon Froya developed a crush on Hundur- who, head full of magic and get rich schemes, remained oblivious. Froya finally realised that she was a “strong, confident half-orc woman who don’t need no man” after the party cleared Goblinhold, realising that ultimately Hundur was simply too self-absorbed to be worth her time.

Lukka Ny, Envoy of the Vostroiya

When she met the diminutive “merchant”, Froya dismissed her as “another bloody chatter box Kender.” Now that they’ve been on the road together for a while, Froya has developed an appreciation for Lukka’s talents and the suspicion that they may have more in common then she at first realised.

Kraithe the Underhand

When Kraithe stepped through the magic door into Skarra-Durr, he nearly walked into the business end of Froya’s hammer. However, he managed to talk his way out of being turned into Drow jam, and he’s since proven quite useful. Still, he’s a shifty bastard….

Jorunn Skaldmaer

On the one hand, Jorunn is a blithering idiot whose big mouth will get the party killed. On the other hand, she’s funny and makes friends easily and has really pretty horns and knows how to walk boots that aren’t steelcapped – all the things that Froya wishes she was.

Froya Orcsdottir

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