Jorunn Skaldmaer

Storyweaver extraordinaire


Class: Bard 3, 1128XP

Abilities: STR 10, DEX 17, CON 12, INT 18, WIS 14, CHA 18; 15 HP; 14 AC

Speed: 30ft.
Hit Dice: 3d6
Initiative: +3
Vision: Low-Light
Size: Medium

Common, Infernal, Giant, Halfling, Gnomish, Orc, Elvish

Skills: Knowledge: History (E), Performance (E), Persuasion (E), Handle Animal (E), Knowledge: Religion, Knowledge: Arcana
Weapons: SImple weapons, hand crossbows, light crossbows, long swords, rapiers, short swords, martial weapons
Armour: Light, Medium
Tools: Disguise kit, musical instrument (Harp, fiddle, flute & one other unspecified)
Saving Throws: INT, CHA

Racial Traits:
Low-Light Vision
Hellish Resistance: Resistance to fire damage
Infernal Wrath: When you’re not at full hit points, you can draw on a diabolical fury to make your attack or spell more potent. When you make an attack with Infernal Wrath, you have advantage on the attack roll. When you cast a spell with it and the spell requires a saving throw, targets of the spell have disadvantage on their saving throws against the spell’s effects. After you use this trait, you can’t do so again until you have completed a short rest or a long rest.

Background: Minstrel
Noted Performer: You can always find a place to perform, usually in an inn or tavern. At such a place, you receive free lodging and food (within reason) as long as you perform each night. In addition, your performance makes you something of a local figure. When strangers recognize you in a town where you have performed, they typically take a liking to you.

Class Features:
Bardic Knowledge: When you make an Intelligence check, treat a d20 roll of 9 or lower as a 10 if the check involves Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion.
Bardic Performance: Speak/play as an action to initiate, concentration to maintain; lasts 10 minutes or until silenced, may be used again after 10 minute rest.
Call to Battle: You and friendlies w/n 25ft +1d4 dmg on melee/ranged attacks
Inspire Competence: Choose 1 of the 6 abilities – friendlies w/n 25ft add your prof. bonus to any check w/ selected ability (may change ability w/ action)
Expertise (E): Choose any mix of 4 skill and tool proficiencies – +5 to any ability check made involving selected proficiencies
Bard College – College of Valor:
War Training: Once on each of your turns, you can use the help action as part of the attack action, aiding in an attack against the target of yours

Save DC: 13 (15 if using instrument)
Spells per day: Two 0th, Three 1st
Spells Known:
Level 0: Minor Illusion, Message
Level 1: Cause Fear, Healing Word, Comprehend Languages

Leather Armour
Light Crossbow
Disguise Kit
Clothes, fine
Clothes, traveler’s
Bolts 17
Adventurer’s Kit
Healing Potion
Healer’s Kit [9 uses]
Rations 8
Vial of corpse solvent
2 pp, 401 gp, 187 sp, 35 ep, 511 cp



Jorunn lacks a realistic scope of the ugly grittiness of reality. To her, cruelty, slavery, corruption and the like are nothing more or less than stories, so far removed from her sphere of experience that the very idea of these notions seem glamorous and exotic.

For the vast majority of Jorunn’s life, everything she knew could be encased by the small, quiet homestead she called home. Situated a considerable distance from the nearest town, Hawksburg, deep in The Valley of Dale, everything she knew came from her father or the plethora of fantastical texts cluttering most every room.

Her father was a broad-shouldered, strong-armed rock of a man, a retired mercenary-turned-adventurer, who loved nothing more than filling his child’s head and heart with stories of might and valour, within and without his own memory alike. Jorunn was never entirely sure what could have filled such a man’s heart with equal dedication to scholarly pursuits and thrilling adventure, but strongly suspected her presence in the world coupled with the way he could never stand with his back quite straight had something to do with it. His recounts of her mother always stung of bittersweet memories, and though he never admitted as such, it was clear that her lust for the thrill of battle could not so easily be quelled. While she knew her mother’s name to be Kára, the woman was more familiar to Jorunn as The Valkyrie.

Wild and cruelly passionate, Kára Skaldmaer was a fierce warrior, unmatched and untameable by all but Hallbjorn the Unwavering Wall, the singular opponent who endlessly bested and perplexed her. Eventually accepting that she had met her match – and with it, her heart’s desire – the woman devoted herself to standing as his equal, her infernal heritage having developed to allow her to champion the man from the skies, as he took on challengers from all ends of the earth. The two together became nigh unstoppable, and few powers in the world existed that could halt them.

As it happened, Jorunn was one of them.

BORN ON A STORMY SUMMER’S NIGHT, Jorunn always knew she was special and meant for greatness. Unfortunately , the rest of the world had other ideas.

Feared by her mortal father from a young age, Jorunn has been (for the most part) left to her own devices.

More than anything else, the young tiefling hungered for the Epic stories of old, learning tales of viking warriors and mischievous gods from the ages she was able to listen to the old bard’s tales.

To her dismay, the real world was woefully lacking in the Epic department. And so, Jorunn made it her life mission to find the best story herself, even if it meant stepping on toes and fudging reality.

Jorunn Skaldmaer

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