Lukka Ny, Envoy of the Vostroiya

A thief who thinks herself a merchant, Lukka is an expatriate of Norn and a current member of the merchant's guild the Vostroiya. She travels to gain information and gold, and secretly friends.


Lukka, to most, is little more than an shady merchant and an opportunistic rogue. This is true, though she is far from unique in that regard, she is strange in that she acts with a strict business conduct in matters of coin.

She claims to be one part of a much larger merchants guild known as the Vostroiya, which has it’s primary holdings in a massive port town across the sea. This is not believed by most she encounters in Norn, to them Lukka is rather obviously a thief and crook more than a merchant, she is a Kender after all. Even if she acts big. A common thieve’s guild is much easier to believe.

Whatever the case Lukka is very loyal to the Vostroiya, and holds herself to a higher regard than any thief. At times she can come across as arrogant and prideful, aspects which are further inflamed by her mischievous and sardonic personality.

These aspects are tempered by her genuine desire to be liked by her travelling companions, and she feels genuine guild when her actions hurt others. However good will is not something often sent in her direction, whether people immediately judge her by her race or her profession.

Deep inside she knows she has to push away her desire for friends and family, whatever happened in the past is done. The Vostroiya is her life now, as they commanded it is her goal to find business opportunity in the land of Norn, be it through trade, theft, mercenary or tomb robbing. When the Vostroiya come to these lands, sooner rather than later, she will be prepared with information and secrets more valuable than gold. Then they will see why it doesn’t pay to belittle the Vostroiya.


For a time Lukka rather enjoyed the half-orc bounty hunter, if nothing else watching him and Froya was amusing in a sad sort of way. Plus there’s value in staying on the good side of both the people with magic and the people who carry around handcuffs, Hundar falls into both categories. However the story that he told on that boat as they travelled the dwarven cave, ignited the old but not forgotten blood feud. He was responsible for that mess with the sheriff that lost her not only a great deal of money and position, but what little remained of her mother, and the gift Quix gave her when she left for Norn. Still a diminutive thief has to do blood feuds differently than most; never the less she would find some way for Hundar to pay.

Froya Orcsdottir
A towering orc skilled in the art of combat, who loathed Lukka the first time she saw her. It takes a strange kind of courage to look at that situation and think, best to stay beside her. Never the less Lukka has decided the best way to deal with Froya is to stay in her good books, besides she and Hundar keep the day interesting. The more this goes on though, the more Lukka tries to encourage Froya that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Kraithe the Underhand
He’s a shifty bastard, and she can respect that. Admittedly she’s not a fan of the way he does ‘business’ and the lack of restraint he shows at times, still a sliver tongue is worth more than its weight in gold if used right. And so she respects him as a fellow thief, while deep down a little depressed that he keeps showing her up in front of the party. She is very unwilling to admit, but she honestly fears that the party will replace her in favour of the shiny new thief.

Jorunn Skaeldmer
At first Lukka could never quite get her finger on this enthusiastic bard; perhaps it was subtle demonic heritage made her slightly off, the way she would jot down ideas in the middle of battle, or how Jorun would occasionally remind her of Quix and Lukka would almost slip and refer to the bard as ‘boss’. Jorunn is clearly crazy, but that’s nothing new. Until she can a read on the tiefling though, Lukka is just going to have to keep an eye open.

Quix Devilsign
Lukka didn’t quite know what to think when Quix started showing an interest in her, for the most part her fellow Vostroiya members would ignore the young kender unless she or they needed something. It wasn’t a bad experience, but rather cold and lonely. She perhaps latched on the jovial tiefling, even though the occasional bad joke and downright horrific prank. When Quix is in one of ‘those’ mood, Lukka can deal with her like an irresponsible elder sister. However when Quix gets serious, whether through her work, her hobbies or tutoring Lukka (which falls somewhere in between) it is then that the Kender honestly respects her. Whether as a mentor or faux-sibling, they get along well, and Quix is likely the most important person in the Vostroiya to Lukka.


Lukka Ny, Envoy of the Vostroiya

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