Quix Devilsign

Lukka's mentor and self-proclaimed 'boss', a bureaucrat within the Vostroiya. She is a Contract Employee (Slave) who now works as Head Contract Lawyer (Slavemaster).


A tiefling woman, whose skills are equal parts rogue, wizard and bureaucrat. Whom rarely see sunlight or a proper’s night rest, even the bed in her office rarely sees use. Combined with scraggly black hair and ever present reading glasses, she could easily be mistaken for a librarian.

Her infernal blood is a particularly obvious variant; her odd skin coloring, a forked tail and twisting sharp horns aren’t even hide behind an illusion. Quix cares very little for appearances unless she has to break in somewhere, a task which she only gets the chance to do for fun now that she’s taken over as Head Contract Lawyer.

Though her visage is normally a stony mask of concentration, her often alien thought patterns in full speed. When one sees a glimmer of manic joy behind her glasses, one is advised to run.

Quix has very few friends in which to enjoy her, at times sadistic, sense of humor. Victims among her staff are more common. Only in these moments of lightheartedness does she seem truly herself, a scary though as they often come at the cost of someone else’s joy.


Lukka’s self-proclaimed boss, though not Lukka’s actual boss as an Envoy she answers to Kitan the Shadow though not directly.

Quix is a high ranking member of the Vostroiya, and operates from within one of their many Eastland headquarters. As a tiefling she has been in the Vostroiya for a long time, originally she was brought into the fold as payment for a service. One of the many Contracted Employees brought into the fold during wartime.

Unlike most Contracted, she became directly involved with the growing department that was built to deal with the Contracts. In touch with her infernal blood, Quix rose through the ranks of the growing bureaucracy. She developed the labyrinthine style of law that defines modern Contracts. She made the spells for the ill-fated Devil’s Sign Contracts, whose detractors eventually named her. Now she holds the highest office when it comes to Contract Law, and is one of Kitan’s inner circle.

Despite her status as a bureaucrat, she is known as a jovial friend if a little manic; however she is more commonly known as the boss from hell to many in her department which doesn’t earn her a lot of close friends.

When Lukka was truly getting into her role as a Vostroiya member she began undertaking daring thefts against her peers, in order to test her skills. Her most impressive, and most stupid act was infiltrating Quix’s office and stealing one of the rare remaining Devil’s Sign Contract. Most Vostroiya expected the young kender to be ripped apart by Devilsign herself; however the tiefling for whatever reason found both the gall and skill of the act impressive.

She requested to have Lukka in her department, and while rebuked never the less took it upon herself to act as a mentor and almost elder sister figure to the Contracted kender. Teaching her both advanced thief skills; and also knowledge of the byzantine bureaucracy and business structure that defines her livelihood. One can blame Quix for Lukka’s strict loyalty to the Vostroiyan business model, and her incessant need to be called a ‘merchant’.

She was probably the only one to see Lukka off when the Envoy left for the Norn Continents; admittedly Quix herself is also mostly responsible for why Lukka had almost no friends or close relations besides the tiefling herself. Whether by reputation, or direct inference from Quix, people gave Lukka a wide berth.

Quix Devilsign

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