Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

Session 13
It was a Marsh, it was a Monster Marsh

Session Notes:

  • Separated from the rest of the party, Hundur and Khalid made their way to the edge of the Ungeheuermyr, in the hopes of encountering some form of resistance to Dale still alive in this hellish future.
  • While there, they were met by Sertini – a Tiefling Sorcerer from the Northlands (Aethenraess) who had been sent by her Frost Giant masters to represent the continent at the Conclave.
  • Sertini had been entrusted with one of the Frost Giant’s most ancient artefact: a small envelope with: Eliyas Resistance (just ride south of the Monster Marsh). This Envelope has been in the possession of the Frost Giants for hundreds of years. Not completely trusting of Hundur and Khalid, she did not mention the envelope to begin with.
  • Hundur and Khalid showed interest in the Conclave that Sertini mentioned and they agreed to travel together.
  • At that point, the group were interrupted by a startled horse dragging a body behind it. Using Mage Hand, Khalid and Hundur were able to calm the horse and inspected the body: it was a human male in his mid-30s, stripped of armour and wearing only the padding beneath. On him they found a small signet ring with a stylised flame. The man had evidence of a broken neck.
  • The party followed the tracks that the horse had left, leading them through the marsh to a small clearing and some old stone ruins. They saw recent blood stains but no bodies anywhere.
  • Suddenly, they detected movement under the marshy ground nearby and were suddenly set upon by a hunting pack of Bulettes (Land Sharks).

*The battle was fierce and the party of three were all knocked out. As the last remaining Bulette moved in for the kill Khalid, the last to fall (having spent most of the fight levitated in the air), saw a giant brown fist smash into the bulette from behind, before he passed out.

  • The entire party awoke in a small cave with the entrance blocked by a boulder. Their wounds had been tended to and the cave was stocked with supplies of food and water. Carved in the wall was: “Please feel free to take as much as you need”.
  • Taking a short rest, the party began to converse. It was here that Sertini revealed the contents of her letter, which had been prophetically written to the Eliyas Resistance several hundreds of years before the group had been founded. In the note were a number of warnings (see appropriate Wiki entry).
  • One of the very ominous prophecies was “do not trust the man in the black armour”
  • At the end of the conversation, the boulder was removed and the party met their mysterious benefactor: a large, clay golem. The golem, communicating through a slate board that hung around its neck, revealed that its name was Bartholomew and that he was a member of the free peoples and had returned with a platoon of soldiers to escort them to the meeting.
  • Hundur, Khalid and Sertini, with Bartholomew the Golem and Hammerfist Platoon of the Stronginthearm Clan marched to the location of the conclave: the tomb of Dale the Monster Hunter. The tomb was the size of a small underground city and its walls were lined with an alloy of Mithral and Adamantium, which protected it from the Bulettes and Purple Worms that roamed the marsh.
  • At the entrance to the conclave, Khalid, Hundur and Sertini were rejoined by the rest of the party, who had evidently become lost along the way and had an interesting tale to tell…..
  • Inside the tomb, the party were taken to rooms and then met with the leaders of the free peoples (most of whom were known to Hundur):
  1. Yimix, of the Elvish Clans
  2. Mendel, of the Gnome cooperative.
  3. Odin’s Claw, of the United Orcish Tribes.
  4. Jorunn Skaldmaer, of the Free Tieflings.
  5. Benvir Burleigh and Solstaff Stronginthearm, of the Burleigh and Stronginthearm Dwarven clans, respectively.
  6. Lukka Ny of the CCHKSF (Capitalist Confederation of Halflings, Kender and Stout Folk), also the CEO of Ny Corporations.
  7. Krastor of the Dragonborn peoples.
  8. Ataulf Thazdaggson: Lord of Goblinkind.
  9. Leon Varela; Lord of the Westmen.
  • The only member who had not arrived was Prince Cratos, Lord of the Eastmen. The party found out that his sigil was a stylised flame. The party brought their findings earlier in the marsh to the attention of Yimix.
  • At that point, Prince Cratos and entourage entered the chamber. Cratos was completely concealed in a large, black suit of armour. He attempted to act cordially until he realised that Hundur was there. Turning to Hundur, his voice changed; adopting a more hostile and slightly more orcish tone. Removing the helmet, Cratos was in fact revealed to be Froya Orcsdottir: former adventuring companion of Hundur and agent of Dale. Her and her entourage then drew weapons and charged the freedomfighters in the room with Froya, Valleyforge in hand, charging straight at Hundur.
Session 12
  • The party retrieved the Mask of Kane from the Queen of the Elemental Plane of Water
  • In doing so the party encountered cultists performing a ritual to remove the Elemental Plane of Water from the multiverse.
  • The Queen of the Elemental Plane of Water attempted to return the party to the material plane, she was successful but the great strain involved disintegrated her.
  • The party returned to the material plane to the discovery that the continents have been moved; as the Southlands Islands were now adjacent to Southern Norn.
  • It has been surmised that the party have been displaced in time and have arrived sometime in the future where Dale has been unable to destroy the world (as the party has one of the four elemental gems) and so decided to subjugate the world instead.
  • Without knowing what to do, the party have headed towards the Ungeheuermyr (the Monster Marsh) as it seems like the best chance at finding people free from Dale’s subjugation.
  • As it is unknown how much time has passed, many of the party have grown concerned about the state of their loved ones (see: Death of Skuggi?!?!)
Narrative: The Godsfall

The Godsfall

The party crept closer through the dark corridors of the Temple of the Kings, guided by Hunder’s magical light. This was not a temple, it was a tomb. The horrors which had awaited them inside this tomb will haunt their memories: trapped corridors, rooms without air, mind flayers concealed by invisibility circles, the wyvern immune to damage. But through each of these encounters, the party had prevailed and made their way closer and closer to the main chamber. As they approached the entrance they could hear the sound of chanting:

“Rapta, neputu, radama”

“Rapta, neputu, radama”

“Rapta, neputu, radama”

The chanting was coming from a chorus of twelve black robed figures, kneeling in positions of worship. On the dais stood another robed figure with an ornate staff and intricate designs on his robes, conjuring magical energy through an ankh worn on his neck. Before this robed figure was a dismembered body splayed out on a stone altar. The body had been arranged in order and all of it was coated in black plate armour.

Having gained the drop on the robed figures, the party prepared a mighty ambush. As Jorunn began to sing her call to battle Kraithe lithely sprang on one figure and masterfully separated its head from its shoulders. Hunder, sparks of electricity emanating from his quarterstaff, charged in and clobbered another chanter. One of the robed figures quickly darted towards a weapons chest, seeking arms to defend him. Much to his surprise, as he opened the chest he was met by the gleeful grin of Lukka as she plunged a short sword into each shoulder and dragged him into the chest. The Warforged, Soul, and the Dwarf Fighter rushed in and joined the fray, while the Elven ranger Harflebarb began to loose arrows at the foes.

As the last of the chanters fell to the party, the robed figure on the dais spoke:


The armoured man on the altar reached up with a gauntleted fist and choked the life out of the speaker. With a low and raspy voice he growled:

“Fuck you verbose mages”

His gaze soon found the party.

“Ahhh, fresh meat. Murder, Pillage; TO ME!”

Suddenly a black mace and long sword appeared in his hands and he charged at the party. As Soul and the Dwarf Fighter took the first of the hits, Kraithe attempted to strike Dale from behind. As he leapt, the sword of Leah in one hand and a bone short sword in the other, he did not expect what came next. Without skipping a beat Dale turned to face Kraithe and impaled him upon his mace. The party looked on in horror as the lifeless form of the Drow hung limply upon this weapon, which seemed to be feeding off of the Dark Elf’s blood.

“Now, who would like to be next?” said the Black Plated foe.

Suddenly, with a thunderous blast of sound and blinding flash of light, a golden armoured figure wielding a mighty spear appeared in the room, flanked by two ravens.

“How lovely to see you again Odin. How is the eye?”

“Enough of this Dale”, the golden figure said, “We killed you once before and we can do it again”

“Yes but you had help, and now you stand alone. Where is Zeus, or Ra or Kane? My followers have kept them blind to my return. Do you really think you can best me on your own?”

“We shall see” replied Odin, who levelled his spear and unleashed a mighty blast of energy at Dale.

Un-phased by the attack Dale moved closer towards Odin and cast his spear from his hands. With one gauntleted hand, he grabbed the one eyed god’s head and slowly began to tear it away from his neck. The screams of a dying god filled the chamber and echoed throughout the temple.

As the headless corpse of the Allfather fell to the ground, several more divinely armoured entities entered the room. As Heimdall and Tyr charged at the Godkiller, Freya paused for a moment and looked at the party.

“There is nothing that you can do here, my children. Run while you still can”

Taking her advice, the party soon began to flee from the temple. As they made it to the first floor, the entire foundation of the temple began to shake itself apart. The party made it outside just in time to see the temple be reclaimed by the sands whence it came. The party were met by the Dragon Wadjet and for the first time they knew what terror looked like in a Dragon’s face. Wadjet flew them back to Eliyas and the members of the party went their separate ways after that day, but for as long as they lived they would never forget the sounds of a dying god’s screams.

Side Adventures!
Skulduggery in the city of Midtenby

The party took time out to explore Midtenby and accomplish various things.

Missing Children

Rumour around the city was that several children had gone missing recently from poorer families in the residential district. Some were snatched from their bedrooms at night and some simply never returned home at the end of the day. Hearing about this, the party headed to the City Watchhouse to offer their services in assisting the city.

Masquerading as freelance investigators (Inspector Jorunn, Inspector Clay and Filthy Harold PI*), they encountered a City Watch officer who seemed only too happy to palm off the investigation to someone else. He gave the party a list of families who had had their children stolen. The party went and investigated the houses. At one of the houses they found threads of blue cloth, blue dye in clothing typically indicating wealth, and discovered that all of the families had recieved payments of silver to help with their loss. These payments came from the Baldur family: a wealthy elderly married couple who perform philanthropic acts around Midtenby.

The party headed to the Baldurs and politely(?) forced their way inside, meeting Yilda and Yoggrey Baldur. The elderly couple denied any knowledge of the crime, but the party sensed they were hiding knowledge and possibly guilt. Suspicions were confirmed after Yilda attempted to poison Jorunn and Yoggrey reached for an axe when Kraithe blatantly accused him of abducting children. With no other option, Yoggrey reached for a torch on the wall, pulled it and revealed a hidden room with a monstrous surprise: an ogre.

The ogre and Yoggrey put up a formidable fight, however before long the old man died from crossbow wounds. His death was met by the ogre’s screams: “FATHER!!!!! NOOOOOOO”. His distress over the death of his ‘father’ left him incredibly succeptible to Jorunn’s Fear spell, and the ogre literally died of fright. Yilda, who had not joined the fight, wailed in mourning.

It became apparent that the elderly couple had been abducting children in order to feed their adoptive Ogre child. The city watch arrived at the house and were amazed that the party had solved the crime. While there was no official payment, the watchmen took a 15 minute break so that the party could loot the house of anything valuable. The Watch officer assured the party that the Thane of Midtenby would hear of their accomplishments.

Thieves Guild

Kraithe took about an hour out of his day to look for any signs of a Thieves Guild operating in Midtenby, in order to help find the missing children. He found scatterings of Thieves’ Cant around the city, albeit mispelled and occasionally backwards, which pointed towards a hidden base in the agricultural district. In the district Kraithe found a large shed with “Thieves Guild” written above the door in Thieves’ Cant. After approaching the door and guessing the password (it was “password”). Inside were roughly a dozen boys and girls of about 12-14 years old, practising various thief skills (picking locks, parkour, hiding). After some thorough criticism of the way they were conducting themselves, the ‘guildmaster’ came at Kraithe with a knife. He ended up with Kraithe’s boot on his throat and the guild were informed that they worked for him now. He took his cut of their ‘loot’, gave them a few decent locks to practice on and sent Lukka over to further instruct them.

Dinner Party

Having received the invitation to go to Jarl Harkon’s estate for dinner, Jorunn put on her fancy dress and brought Kraithe (wearing his dead friend’s fancy clothes from the extradimensional closet) and Clay (wearing his fanciest robe with barely any holes in and a ten-gallon hat over his regular hat) along as her entourage. The night was very pleasant and the trio were introduced to the high society of Midtenby: Thane Frida the Just, Agrimundr Pekt – Captain of the Thanesguard, Asa Songbird – Dean of the Bard’s college and Eydis the Everlasting Storm – Archmage of the Mage’s college. Much Shmoozing was done and many Hawksberg Graziers Cooperative business cards were pickpocketed into many pockets by Kraithe. Jorunn also successfully managed to evade Jarl Harkon’s romantic advances while keeping him on the hook.

Stealing stolen loot which had been procured by a grave robber

The party investigated the rumour of a Sydby merchant who had had his wares confiscated by the Midtenby watch. It turns out that he was a grave robber and had taken these wares from the dead. It was also implied that sometimes these people were not dead when he met them. He promised the party rewards, in the form of magic items, if they recovered his loot for him. Finding this morally abhorrent (‘this’ being the idea of having a middleman) the party instead decided to just nick his goods themselves.

Clay, having been instructed by his various masters in a variety of different political philosophies and not having the intelligence to distinguish between them, took offence on libertarian grounds and formed a mob to march on the watch tower (protesting both government interference in the affairs of small business owners, and an apparent ‘Axe Tax’ which lead to some very confusing slogans). While that distraction happened outside, Kraithe and Jorunn talked their way into the Watchhouse and, using their Inspector identities, finagled their way into the evidence locker where the grave robber’s ‘stock’ was stored. They stole the magic-looking items for themselves and legged it, returning to the Homely Elf Inn and to examine their filthy lucre.

Magic Items recovered:

  • boots of speed (given to Clay)
  • boots of elvenkind (given to Lukka)
  • +1 Sentient (and surly) Rapier named Raphael (given to Jorunn)

Session ends March 23.

*Because He Isn’t Afraid To Get His Hands Dirty

Plot Hooks and Bar Fights

After hearing the story of Dale the Dragon Slayer from Bardr, most of the party retired to their rooms in the Diamond Corner. Torrin, Hunder and Kraithe instead remained down in the tavern drinking and conversing. After a while, a drunken thuggish looking man abruptly stood up, evidently drunk, and proclaimed: “that story about Dale is a load of wyvern shite! Dale fucked that dragon and he fucked it well!”. This was followed by a chorus of agreement from about a dozen other tavern patrons, who turned over their tables and chairs and started to brawl. Alongside the three members of the party, an unconventionally ‘attractive’ elf in a fur bikini (Harblefarb Passwind [it sounds better in the original Elvish]) and a monk in a cowboy hat (Clay) were also caught in the middle of the bar brawl.

Highlights of the fight:
• In an impressive display of martial arts, Clay roundhouse kicked a thug through the tavern wall.
• Torrin proved his ability to swing chairs with (non)lethal force, although he almost struck Hunder out of confusion.
• Kraithe demonstrated his sneaking ability and his superb marksmanship with flagons and bottles.
• Hunder bravely ran out onto the street and called for the city watch.
• Harblefarb Passwind turned the brawl into a lethal affair when she ruthlessly skewered two thugs to the floor with a single arrow.

The brawl was quickly ended and through some superb Drow cunning, Kraithe made it look like the two murdered thugs had been killed by the other brawlers. Notably, he also found in their possession an ornately designed longsword with the name “Leah” carved into the hilt. Upon grasping the sword, Kraithe discovered a gold piece on the floor in front of him.
With the Diamond Corner now closed for repairs, the party were refunded their money and found new accommodation in the Homely Elf Inn.
For the rest of that night, Hunder convinced a group of City Watchmen to allow him to accompany them on their patrol, so that he could see what was going on in the city. They agreed and the group departed. Hunder learned of many plothooks:

• A dirty and down trodden man claims that his family’s heirloom sword has been taken by thugs. He unwittingly put it up in a dice game and lost it to loaded dice. Ever since losing the sword he has experienced incredibly bad luck (coin purse stolen, Mother died from flu, lost his job, etc).
• Burleigh and Stronginthearm have shut their store fronts, rumour has it that the two owners have had a falling out.
• Children have been going missing in the city and the watch have had no luck in finding them.
• A merchant from Sydby has had his goods confiscated by the local watch and is now drinking his sorrows in a tavern.
• A grain merchant is looking to take a shipment to Sydby and wants to hire some caravan guards.
• A Dwarven woman is looking to put together an expedition to the Southlands in search of “El templo del rey lagarto” (The Temple of the Lizard King).

Over the next day, the party followed through on some of the plot hooks and lined up some future jobs:

• Benvir Burleigh has been hiding out in his Midtenby store/warehouse. Upon convincing him the party found out that his partner, Stein Stronginthearm, the businessman of the duo, has stolen blueprints and plans on selling out to the Federation. Stein has travelled to Sydby and is awaiting a ship to the Eastlands and has apparently tried to have Burleigh killed. Benvir wants Stein stopped, the blueprints recovered and evidence gathered to take to the High King. He does not want Stein killed. He has promised considerable payment and has vowed to come to the party’s aid should they run into complications with the Sydby watch.
• A grain merchant is looking to take a shipment to Sydby and wants to hire some caravan guards. He has agreed to employ the party for 3sp per day, each**. The merchant has also offered the party some spare room on one of his wagons if they have any goods they want transported.
• A Dwarven woman is looking to put together an expedition to the Southlands in search of “El templo del rey lagarto” (The Temple of the Lizard King). The woman needs a 1500gp investment and is looking for partners in the expedition to do the actual exploring of the island and is offering equal shares of the treasure.

Session ends 21st of March.

*We had guest players this session:

Harblefarb Passwind, elven Ranger, played by Chandler
Clay, human Monk, played by Carl.

**The payment has been changed to be more realistic. This grain merchant is only going to make about 80gp from his goods.

Do you want to slay a Dragon?
A Legend of Dale oneshot adventure!

Set ~400 years in the past, this adventure explored the nature of Dale the Dragonslayer, who slew the last Dragon in Norn.

On a particularly cold night in the Horny Kobold Tavern in Nordby, a group of drunken adventurers came up with the kind of idea that only drunken adventurers could come up with: let’s go slay Nidhogg, last and greatest of all the dragons.

They called their adventuring party Dale, because that was the fake name that their bar tab was under at the tavern.

They made their way to the lair of Nidhogg and proceeded inside, overcoming Ropers, an acid pit and the unpredictable nature of the resident party murder hobo (evidently a new prestige class for the rogue).

While the final battle with Nidhogg was formidable, extreme age had clearly left weakened and he was dispatched, although not before one of the party quit the battle and ran. Inside Nidhogg’s chamber, the party discovered evidence which suggested the existence of a humanoid Dragon race which was once subservient to Dragonkind. After an uprising, these humanoids born of the dragon were banished to the underdark by Nidhogg himself.

The other main revelation was of the existence of a powerful, non humanoid, sentient creature known only as Sock which was secretly controlling Jon the Murder Hobo for its own nefarious reasons. The presence of Sock was only revealed after Jon’s body was dissolved in an acid pit which he had driven himself and the party barbarian into on purpose. When the party cleric raised Jon as a skeleton, the creature Sock took full control and made its presence known to the party. In the final confrontation with Nidhogg, it seemed as though the Dragon and Sock had met once before, calling into question the nature of this unusual creature. After the battle, Sock seemed to find an object greatly resembling itself in the Dragon’s treasure horde, and then mysteriously vanished.

While the surviving members of the party went on to live comfortable lives thanks to their new found wealth, the creature Sock would never be seen again. However 40 years later, when the humanoid Dragon creatures appeared at the gates, some of them bore the image of two white socks on their shields, referring to them only as “The Master”.

8 Adventurers, 25 sheep, 108 Miles

Session Begins: March 18

  • The party stood outside of Hondor’s tavern staring at their herd of sheep and wondering what to do with them.
  • Several party members purchased horses from Hroarr, the stable owner. Hundur’s horse was a fine black stallion. He bought a sweet cowboy hat to accompany it (he almost made the mistake of buying a discernibly less sweet hat, but changed his mind at the last minute.)
  • Froya bought a whip. All possible comments about this were stifled.
  • The party travelled with their herd out of Hawksberg and towards Jorunn’s father’s homestead.
  • Along the way the party encountered five Halfling Sportsball players making their way to Midtenby for tryouts.
  • The challenge of getting the herd to cross the knee high stream looked to be troublesome, but between the sheep whispering efforts of Jorunn and Yimix, the sheep were so enthused that half of them carried the other half over the stream with great ease.
  • Feeling like he now had great sheep power, Yimix attempted to coax a sheep into jumping through a hoop. He was successful, some might say too successful, as the entire herd thought this looked like great fun and trampled him (with love and hooves).
  • Kraithe began pondering the sheep and how the fitted in with the average life cycle of a cloud. Convinced that these sheep could be used to seed the sky.
  • The party arrived at the homestead of Jorunn’s father: Hallbjorn the Unwavering Wall. A touching family reunion took place, food and old stories were shared and Hall agreed to look after the sheep on commission. As they departed, Hallbjorn gifted his daughter with his old war horn: an elaborately carved dragon’s head made from minotaur horn with inlaid gold
  • The party got back onto the road and continued to travel West. They encountered an elderly woman, named Inga, who had been picking mushrooms on the side of the road. They offered to let her travel on the back of the wagon on the way to Midtenby.
  • The party rested for the evening in the ruins of the Red Dog Inn. During their stay, Jorunn regaled the party with a story of a love that transcended time (seriously, all 48 hours of it). It was the love that never was between Jorunn (when she was like, totally still a kid) and the Shaggy Farmboy.
  • During the evening Kraithe and Yimix were keeping watch while playing go fish, as their Elven heritage meant that they didn’t require sleep. During their watch, they noticed that Inga had woken up and disappeared. When she didn’t return after a few minutes they awoke Froya and informed her of the situation. Froya, Yimix, Kraithe, Hundur and Souf followed Inga’s tracks northward while Lukka, Torrin and Jorrun stayed at camp. Upon discovering blood and hearing the sound of wolves, those in search of Inga hurried further North.
  • Back at the camp, Lukka was struck by an invisible foe. Upon turning to face her attacker she recognised Inga, now in her true hag form. Thanks to some thrilling barbarian heroics from Torrin, the evil hag was quickly felled. The party rested up and continue their travels in the morning.
  • After a few hours travel the party soon found themselves outside of the Valley of Dale and in the lands belonging to the Thane of Midtenby.
  • The party encountered a squad of twenty Midteny soldiers who had been out patrolling the land. The party greeted the soldiers and travelled with them for an hour. Jorunn conversed with their leader, a jarl by the name of Hakon, and Lukka got to know the seasoned veteran of the groop, Snorri.
  • Over the course of the hour, Jorunn managed to endear herself to Hakon and the entire squad (they were all quite enamoured with her). Hakon invited her to dinner when they arrived in Midtenby.
  • The party soon resumed their travels on horseback and quickly reached Midtenby in the late afternoon/evening. They quickly found lodging and stables at the Diamond Corner Inn, a very upmarket establishment, and soon began to enjoy warm baths and soft beds, the likes of which were not to be found in Hawksberg.
  • Hunder, however, went off into the night to get to know the city.

Session Ends: March 20.


  • The 25 Sheep are now under the care of Hallbjorn the Unwavering Wall. He will care for the herd and send profits to the party when he can (minus maintenance fees). Furthermore, half of the newborn lambs would become his.
  • Jorunn has a dinner invitation at the estate of Jarl Hakon. Furthermore she has made quite a positive impression on the 19 soldiers under his command.
  • Hundur’s scouting of the Midtenby nightlife will have earned him information on what is going on in the city.
  • The current season is Autumn
Cashing In

The session begins with the party in the Throne room of the now deceased Goblin King, discussing how they will escape the keep undetected.

  • The party devised an ingenious escape method by hiding in Kraithe’s cloak’s extradimensional space and then have Yimix turn into a hawk and fly off through the window with the cloak in its mouth – allowing them to cover 7 miles in one hour.
  • This caused some contention with Thrax, chief of the Worgs, as he had been guaranteed a spot on their boat. However upon speaking with Thrax, he seemed content with the now vacant throne.
  • The party arrive in Thudd’s old cave. It still smelled of BBQ. They rested for the night.
  • In the morning, the party encountered another group of adventurers who appeared to be on the exact same quest they were on, but a few days too late. Despite Froya offering to share the Minotaur steak and eggs she was cooking, they decided to attack the party and steal their treasure. Violence ensued, including the Kender Surprise which left everyone slightly shocked. Froya made an example of the survivors.
  • The party arrived in the Druid camp and claimed their payment from Bellathor Half-elven. Some awkward questioning ensued concerning the fate of the Dwarves of Skarra Durr which resulted in the party gaining a favour from the druids.
  • The party travelled to Hawksburg where they were met with free food, drink and lodging. Some of the party got lucky (Froya, Luka and Yimix). They spent the night in Hawksburg.
  • In the morning the party awoke to their payment: 50 head of Sheep.
A Goblin New Year to Remember
Hobgoblin Batman's Origin

Our fearsome adventurers continue to forge their path through Goblinhold.
A condensed version of events:

  • The party discovers that goblins can be tricksy little bastards. Luckily Hundur catches four of them attempting a surprise attack and promptly incinerates them. Hundur seems to avoid clearly explaining how he so cunningly discovered their plan.
  • They hear foreboding sounds of more organised activity upstairs, and decide to clear the current floor first.
  • Loot!
  • A few poor choices (Smoke ’Em Out!) lead to the addition of “Child Hobgoblin Batman” to the party.
  • They lock him in a small room.
  • …Hundur’s lack of empathy causes a loss of Heart Points in Froya.
  • The party meets Thrax, a warg who has fallen out of favour with Thazdagg, who sides with them (more or less).
  • Having learned that it is “Goblin New Year,” the party decide to storm the next floor. But not without an improvised siege weapon.
  • Goblin butts are kicked.
  • The adventurers bypass most of this floor heading straight for… a gruesome reminder of Kraithe’s past. Kraithe gets mad. Also some new short swords and a magical cloak, The Midnight Shroud.
  • The climactic final encounter! Thrax removes the wargs, classic half-orc diplomacy removes the guards, and the final battle with Thazdagg and his magic-using wife Helena ensues.
  • After an intense battle and a bit of head trauma, the party gets what they came for, and Kraithe gets revenge!
  • More loot!
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