• Pre-written history: The Northmen (Humans, Halflings and Kender) flee from their Frost Giant slavers in the Lands of Snow and Ice. They traveled southwards and settled on a new continent and named it Norn. The Northmen settled in the area that is now known as Midtenby. Over the next many winters two new settlements were founded: one in the north and one in the south. War raged between the Northmen and the various monstrous species that they encountered. As such, the Northmen began to elect the greatest warriors to lead them and called them Thanes. There were three Thanes: one in the city of the North, one in the city of the South and one in the city of the Middle. A great fleet of Frost Giants comes down from the Lands of Snow and Ice looking to reclaim their former slaves. Half of the ships are destroyed by lightning and wind during a thunderstorm. A large unkindness of Ravens engulf the other ships, pecking out the eyes of the sailors so that the ships would crash upon the rocks. It was here that the Aesir, the Gods, first made contact with the Northmen and declared that Norn was under their protection.

A very long time passes.

  • 1 NR (Norn Reckoning): After having lived in Norn for a very long time, the Northmen met the Elves, the Dwarves and the Gnomes who had been forced to flee their home in the Feywild. Recalling their own plight when they fled the Frost Giants, the Northmen declared that this land was a home to all who had lost their own and welcomed they Fey refugees.

From the Elves, the Northmen learned the concepts of time and magic.
From the Dwarves, the Northmen learned to forge tougher metals and brew stronger beer.
From the Gnomes, the Northmen learned to be friends of nature and how to craft intricate devices.

From this point onward, the term Northman ceases to be used and we begin to see the use of the title: “The people of Norn”.

  • 25 NR: Hundreds of settlers from Midtenby travel eastwards to found a new settlement in a valley. They are never heard of again.
  • 26 NR: A band of warriors head the valley in search of the settlers. There they find that they have become slaves to a group of Mountain Giants. Thus begins the First Giant War.
  • 75 NR: With the people of Norn failing to gain the upperhand during the war, they attempt to advance themselves through the use of slave labour and enslaved the Kender and the poor.
  • 200 NR: The First Giant War comes to an end when the hero Dale Valleyforge tricks the Giants into leaving, frees the giant’s slaves and creates what is now known as the Valley of Dale. Dale Valleyforge is never seen again.
  • 201 NR: The township of Hawksburg is founded.
  • 250 NR: The great hero Dale the Liberator decrees that all people of Norn are born equal and abolished the practice of slavery. Dale the Liberator then spends a year in each of the three cities personally challenging anyone who refused to free their slaves. After three years, Dale vanished.
  • 251 NR: The Thane of Sydby begins to raid the south and westlands for slaves who were not ‘people of Norn’ and therefore free to be enslaved.
  • 356 NR: A great drought begins. Seafood becomes sparse and crops produce a smaller yield.
  • 360 NR: After four years of drought Sydby and Nordby have almost emptied their food stores. Midtenby still has stores of grain enough to support themselves but not enough to trade. The Thanes of Nordby and Sydby attack Midtenby for their food and then attack each other over who should get the food.
  • 361 NR: After a year of fighting, a great hero defeats (and spares the lives of) the greatest champions from each of the Thanes’ armies. Having shown their dominance, Dale sits the Thanes down and hammer out a peace treaty and a way to ration the remaining food amongst all of the cities. Dale then appoints Haraldur, the mayor of Hawksburg, as the first High King of Norn who would ensure peace and cooperation amongst the three cities.

Hawksburg was suffering just as much as the cities from the drought but instead of trying to take the food of others, Haraldur shared the town’s supply with the Elves and Dwarves in the area. Haraldur’s reign would be a golden one, hence he is referred to as High King Haraldur the Great.

  • 501 NR: The last Dragon in the Norn is slain by Dale Dragonsbane.
  • 502 NR: The Dwarven Mine of Skarra Durr is abandoned and sealed. No one speaks of what happened. The few Dwarves who were outside of the mine at the time find a new life in Hawksburg.
  • 546 NR: 45 years after the last Dragon in Norn was slain by Dale Dragonsbane, a group of nomadic humanoid creatures come down from the Endefjells and arrived at the gates of Nordby. These creatures clearly seemed to have a dracnonic heritage. They called themselves Dragonborn and their prowess in both fighting and drinking earned them a place in the lands of Norn.
  • 593 NR: Dale the Monster Hunter becomes the first person to explore Ungeheuermyr
  • 642 NR: Dale Hammerhand travels to the bottom of Verdun Ar
  • 669 NR: Dale the Lightbringer visits the city of Los Noir in the Norn Underdark.
  • 702 NR: First contact between the people of Norn and the Federation takes place at sea. Several poorly chosen remarks are made by the Federation’s envoy in regards to many of the Norn women on board. Jarl Signy returns to Sydby with a severed head adorning the prow of her ship. The Federation wars begin.
  • 802 NR: After a century of war both sides agree to peace. Thanks to superior Norn longboats and a new type of bow called a “crossbow” which had been developed by a small Midtenby business, Burleigh and Stronginthearm, no Federation soldier ever set foot on Norn soil. Losses were heavy on both sides however.
  • 831 NR: The Druids lose their home to the Goblins. Valenthold becomes Goblinhold.
  • 850 NR: Limited trade between Norn and the Ferderation’s mercantile arm, the Vostroiya, begins. Neither side is allowed to step foot on shore.
  • 900 NR: High Queen Vigdis travels to the Eastlands at the request of the Federation. It is the first time any Norn person has set foot in the Eastlands since the war. The High Queen travelled with a retinue of 1000 warriors.
  • 950 NR: The very first Eastlanders are allowed to set foot in Sydby. The Vostroyia were given permission to build a warehouse and trading office in the city. The movements of Eastlanders is still highly monitored and restricted and they are not allowed to leave the city. Similarly, there is a Norn compound in the Federation city of Worf.
  • 999 NR: The Godsfall
  • 1004 NR: The Current Year


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