Khalid Alhars

Desert Mystic and Bearer of Terrible Knowledge


Sheet, Spells

5 year goal: having defeated dale, use the divine artefacts we will have gathered either to restore the gods or get some new ones

20 year goal: establish an order to safeguard dangerous and forbidden knowledge from those who would abuse it (cf Khalid’s tome); to keep a vigil against any further threats on the same level as dale was; and, to use that knowledge against any such further threats, should they arise.


Background: Hermit

  • Life of Seclusion: I retreated from society after a life-altering event.
  • Personality Traits: I am utterly serene, even in the face of disaster; I connect everything that happens to me to a grand, cosmic plan
  • Ideals: Self-Knowledge: If you know yourself, there’s nothing left to know
  • Bonds: Should my discovery come to light, it could bring ruin to the world/My isolation gave me great insight into a great evil that only I can destroy
  • Flaws: I’d risk too much to uncover a lost bit of knowledge

Discovery: The theoretical location of the Eye of Ra; the actual location of Mzar

A former member of the Akhmim City Guard, in the Westlands, Khalid was a detective mage whose biggest case involved the capture and execution of an unnamed madman. Khalid followed him from grizzly ritualistic murder to grizzly ritualistic murder, eventually finding a clue in the form of a small idol depicting a nightmarish creature. It matched no known culture from amongst the records of the Akhmim archives, but while researching it, Khalid slept in its presence, having a number of unsettling dreams.

After about a week of no sleep, Khalid – looking more and more like a madman himself – had a sudden insight; an intuitive leap regarding the form and location of the murders, and therefore the murderer’s current location. Khalid cornered the madman in a small hut miles from civilisation. There they fought, Khalid pitting his magic against the madman’s trickery and apparent ability to project his thoughts into the heads of others, until eventually the madman was defeated. His motivations were still baffling, so Khalid searched the hut until he came upon a book. This appeared to be the madman’s journal – a tome bound in perpetually warm leather; a tome which appeared to have its own pulse…

The case was wrapped up by this point and there was little reason to obsess over the scrawlings of a madman, but Khalid had to know. The writing inside was spidery and nonsensical, crossing between different languages and syntax as quickly as a fish darting through different currents, and the words, once laid out in an understandable fashion, continued to be incomprehensible. Once again Khalid found himself regularly sleeping at his desk as he sought a reason for the string of killings, and once again the monstrous idol influenced his dreams…

Several weeks later Khalid realised he had not been to the guard barracks, or made a report to his superiors, in some time. He had not left his house, in fact, obsessed with the madman’s journal. Figuring that he ought to report, he prepared to leave – but first, another look at the tome.

Its secrets opened to him – terrible insights into the nature of reality, unseen forces that guide every action either by accident or design, but which unmistakeably pervade every facet of creation. Arcane formulae, the collective manifesto of generations of madmen, and buried deep within its pages – a prophecy. The Godkiller would rise again at a specific date and time, causing untold devastation and possibly the end of the world – and that time was apparently tomorrow.

Khalid then realised that he had not heard a peep from the city he had lived his entire life in, all morning. It should have been bustling with the sounds of a busy marketplace and all the sounds of a healthy city, and yet, all was quiet. Quiet except for the occasional moan.

Events had proceeded beyond what Khalid had been prepared for, and the streets of his beloved city had been overrun with undead, in preparation for the rise of the Godkiller. Comprehending the risk should the madman’s journal fall into the wrong hands, Khalid performed a ritual to bind it to him, then snuck out of the city on a fast camel to The Temple of the Gods, there to prevent the end of civilisation.

Unfortunately Khalid was unsuccessful, having been caught in a sandstorm en route which abruptly ended as all of the Westlands were cast briefly into shade by the rise of the Godkiller. Khalid then travelled, searching for a city that had survived what he now realised was an invasion from the Federation, eventually meeting Hunder and the other survivors of the ill-fated expedition into the Temple of the Gods in Eliyas

Khalid Alhars

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