Though small of stature, her sureness of bearing and ease of grace mark her as a dangerous opponent.


A diminuitive Tiefling (5’0"), Sertinni has pale blue skin, trending to purple as it nears her hair and fingertips, which are black. Shimmering elaborate metallic tattoos adorn the back of her hands and feet, and extend up her limbs and across her torso and neck, stopping shy of her face.

Coming from the frigid north, Sertinni eschews armour or thick clothing as too hot for comfort, preferring instead to rely on her spells and natural grace to avoid enemy attack. Her adventuring garb consists of snug leather trousers and boots, and a tight fitting embroidered and feathered vest. Though her arms are bare, she wears twin elaborate gem-studded bracers made of blackened silver material.

AC 15
Speed 30

Str 8 (-1)
Dex 15 (2)
Con 13 (
Int 12 (1)
Wis 10 (
Char 20 (+5)


Sertinni started her days as a rogue, part of a specialist taskforce for a minor Giant in the Frostborn Empire (now collapsed). During a raid, her daring and charisma brought her to the attention of Greip, a Giantess of high standing within the empire, who immediately purchased the Tiefling.

Working for Greip, Sertinni distinguished herself and obtained the rank of Favoured Slave, drinking from the Font of the Servants and being manifest with the markings of her station (a pattern of coppery scales that cover her body in intricatte whorls and patterns). Through working dilligently in her role as an agent of Greip, she has grown powerful in the favour of the giant masters, made manifest by the copious magics granted to her through their grace.


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