Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

Session 12

  • The party retrieved the Mask of Kane from the Queen of the Elemental Plane of Water
  • In doing so the party encountered cultists performing a ritual to remove the Elemental Plane of Water from the multiverse.
  • The Queen of the Elemental Plane of Water attempted to return the party to the material plane, she was successful but the great strain involved disintegrated her.
  • The party returned to the material plane to the discovery that the continents have been moved; as the Southlands Islands were now adjacent to Southern Norn.
  • It has been surmised that the party have been displaced in time and have arrived sometime in the future where Dale has been unable to destroy the world (as the party has one of the four elemental gems) and so decided to subjugate the world instead.
  • Without knowing what to do, the party have headed towards the Ungeheuermyr (the Monster Marsh) as it seems like the best chance at finding people free from Dale’s subjugation.
  • As it is unknown how much time has passed, many of the party have grown concerned about the state of their loved ones (see: Death of Skuggi?!?!)


Tom_Murray Tom_Murray

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