Gods Strewn Across the Walls.

Session 13

It was a Marsh, it was a Monster Marsh

Session Notes:

  • Separated from the rest of the party, Hundur and Khalid made their way to the edge of the Ungeheuermyr, in the hopes of encountering some form of resistance to Dale still alive in this hellish future.
  • While there, they were met by Sertini – a Tiefling Sorcerer from the Northlands (Aethenraess) who had been sent by her Frost Giant masters to represent the continent at the Conclave.
  • Sertini had been entrusted with one of the Frost Giant’s most ancient artefact: a small envelope with: Eliyas Resistance (just ride south of the Monster Marsh). This Envelope has been in the possession of the Frost Giants for hundreds of years. Not completely trusting of Hundur and Khalid, she did not mention the envelope to begin with.
  • Hundur and Khalid showed interest in the Conclave that Sertini mentioned and they agreed to travel together.
  • At that point, the group were interrupted by a startled horse dragging a body behind it. Using Mage Hand, Khalid and Hundur were able to calm the horse and inspected the body: it was a human male in his mid-30s, stripped of armour and wearing only the padding beneath. On him they found a small signet ring with a stylised flame. The man had evidence of a broken neck.
  • The party followed the tracks that the horse had left, leading them through the marsh to a small clearing and some old stone ruins. They saw recent blood stains but no bodies anywhere.
  • Suddenly, they detected movement under the marshy ground nearby and were suddenly set upon by a hunting pack of Bulettes (Land Sharks).

*The battle was fierce and the party of three were all knocked out. As the last remaining Bulette moved in for the kill Khalid, the last to fall (having spent most of the fight levitated in the air), saw a giant brown fist smash into the bulette from behind, before he passed out.

  • The entire party awoke in a small cave with the entrance blocked by a boulder. Their wounds had been tended to and the cave was stocked with supplies of food and water. Carved in the wall was: “Please feel free to take as much as you need”.
  • Taking a short rest, the party began to converse. It was here that Sertini revealed the contents of her letter, which had been prophetically written to the Eliyas Resistance several hundreds of years before the group had been founded. In the note were a number of warnings (see appropriate Wiki entry).
  • One of the very ominous prophecies was “do not trust the man in the black armour”
  • At the end of the conversation, the boulder was removed and the party met their mysterious benefactor: a large, clay golem. The golem, communicating through a slate board that hung around its neck, revealed that its name was Bartholomew and that he was a member of the free peoples and had returned with a platoon of soldiers to escort them to the meeting.
  • Hundur, Khalid and Sertini, with Bartholomew the Golem and Hammerfist Platoon of the Stronginthearm Clan marched to the location of the conclave: the tomb of Dale the Monster Hunter. The tomb was the size of a small underground city and its walls were lined with an alloy of Mithral and Adamantium, which protected it from the Bulettes and Purple Worms that roamed the marsh.
  • At the entrance to the conclave, Khalid, Hundur and Sertini were rejoined by the rest of the party, who had evidently become lost along the way and had an interesting tale to tell…..
  • Inside the tomb, the party were taken to rooms and then met with the leaders of the free peoples (most of whom were known to Hundur):
  1. Yimix, of the Elvish Clans
  2. Mendel, of the Gnome cooperative.
  3. Odin’s Claw, of the United Orcish Tribes.
  4. Jorunn Skaldmaer, of the Free Tieflings.
  5. Benvir Burleigh and Solstaff Stronginthearm, of the Burleigh and Stronginthearm Dwarven clans, respectively.
  6. Lukka Ny of the CCHKSF (Capitalist Confederation of Halflings, Kender and Stout Folk), also the CEO of Ny Corporations.
  7. Krastor of the Dragonborn peoples.
  8. Ataulf Thazdaggson: Lord of Goblinkind.
  9. Leon Varela; Lord of the Westmen.
  • The only member who had not arrived was Prince Cratos, Lord of the Eastmen. The party found out that his sigil was a stylised flame. The party brought their findings earlier in the marsh to the attention of Yimix.
  • At that point, Prince Cratos and entourage entered the chamber. Cratos was completely concealed in a large, black suit of armour. He attempted to act cordially until he realised that Hundur was there. Turning to Hundur, his voice changed; adopting a more hostile and slightly more orcish tone. Removing the helmet, Cratos was in fact revealed to be Froya Orcsdottir: former adventuring companion of Hundur and agent of Dale. Her and her entourage then drew weapons and charged the freedomfighters in the room with Froya, Valleyforge in hand, charging straight at Hundur.


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