The Eye of Ra

An amulet with a great ruby eye, it glows with the brilliance of the desert sun

The Eye of Ra is the divine artifact of the Westland’s Sun God Ra. It is fuelled by a portion of Ra’s holy might and may in fact hold all that is left of the dead God.

In-Game effects:

  1. You can control all natural phenomena in the Westlands.
  2. You are constantly aware of what is happening in the Westlands
  3. You are immune to radiant damage
  4. While in direct sunlight, any spent hitdie are maximised
  5. The amulet contains one charge. Once used, it can only be recovered after a long rest AND two hours in direct, natural sunlight. This charge can be used to cast the following spells: Sunbeam, Power Word Heal.

The Eye of Ra

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